Sunday, December 9, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving! And, Christmas with Sunscreen?

Friday, November 23rd

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!  I am thinking of you all and how lots of you are out shopping today. :0)  I joked with my sisters that we should go shopping this morning!

Thanksgiving was so much fun here yesterday.  We had a great, big Thanksgiving party, potluck style!  I made a pot of mashed potatoes.  The spread of food was crazy!  We had everything from fish and chicken, to fruit salad, bread rolls, and stuffing.  What an amazing meal!!!  Not only was the food great, but there were so many people eating!  I honestly was praying God would multiply the food!!! Really!  I just kept thinking, This is crazy.  This is crazy!  Ha ha ha.  The great Thanksgiving feast was followed up with a dance party and the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving movie.  Yesterday was such a great day!!! I had so much fun!!!

It is now Christmastime!!!  Ha ha ha it definitely does not feel like Christmas here - well, Christmas as I know it.  I feel like I am living in a great, long, hot summer!!!  Sunscreen, sunglasses, swimming, sitting in the shade, and eating fresh mango are part of the Christmas season here.  Different, but just as great!

Sorry this post is short and sweet.  I honestly have been having so much fun doing other things than sit on my computer!  So you're just getting a little taste for now.



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