Friday, November 23, 2012

Relaxing Weekend: Ice Cream, Soccer, Akoonya!

the 'lost' files: dear friends, Esther sent me, her stateside friend-with-a-computer, these journal notes possibly in October, but I somehow did not find them until now.  My apologies for not getting them up in real time!  

Monday morning. 

I just had an amazing, relaxing weekend.  I had nothing to do so I just relaxed and did whatever.  

On Friday morning, one of my Mozambican friends took me to his family's house in the village.  It was my first time walking through the village, and good thing I had a guide for I would have been lost.  It seemed like [there was] no pattern or real pathway at all, just little walking paths through the houses and bamboo-fenced yards.  I got an invitation to come back for dinner :0)  They want to make me matapa (not sure how to spell it, but that is what it sounds like).  I believe I said this earlier but I will say it again - everyone is so nice here. Everyone greets everyone else and has big smiles.  I hear akoonya all the time, ha ha ha, it means white person. Ha ha!  :0)  I just love it.  

On Saturday I took the bus into town/the city just for something to do.  I just enjoy getting out and being among the people.  And riding the bus is very cheap, and great fun!  Like always, the motto is, "One more can always fit!"  Ha ha, it's great!  Our Mozambican guide took us to get some ice cream!  It was so so so so good!!!!! For only 5 mets which is like $0.25.  I told him I could eat a big bowl of it and he was like, "What??"  He thought it was strange that in America we eat bowls of ice cream, not just a little cup of it.  

Also on weekends there are many games of soccer and basketball played.  They have great fun when it is the Mozambican pastors against the Harvest School boys!  The games are so fun to watch!  Ha ha ha everyone is so excited when their team gets a score.  Us akoonyas have yet to win, though this last game we tied 6-6.  So you can understand just how great this last game went.  

After the service yesterday (Sunday), my roomies and I just hing out in the shade talking and singing some songs with our Mozambican brothers.  I have said this before and will say it again, it was a great time!!!  Honestly, I have been enjoying it very much here and I don't like thinking about when I will be getting on the plane to head home so I try not to. :0(  But I know that God's plans are best so I will follow where He leads.  

Once the heat of the day passed, we took a walk down the beach and stopped for some ice cream at the Dolphin and got some bananas for chocolate-banana pancakes.  

The week always seems very full and busy so having weekends where it is open to do whatever is so wonderful.  I am writing this before class and once I head to class, my day is going to be very full and will pass by very quickly.  

Blessings until next time! 


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