Sunday, October 21, 2012

Joy Unspeakable

Thursday, October 18th

Last night we had a worship/testimony time with the Harvest School students, the Mozambican Bible School Students, missionaries, and really whoever wanted to come.  I love these meetings that we have!

Everyone comes together to worship and pray.  Last night started with worshiping Jesus just by singing, but it soon turned into a large dance party! :0)  (This is how I am burning off all the calories I am eating.  Ha ha!)  It was so much fun!  Dancing, jumping, running, skipping around the church in worship!  I have never worshiped and rejoiced in Jesus this way before and I wonder why not?  I know that in the United States we are very dignified in how we worship and do church but this was really joy unspeakable!  Joy overflowing! JOY in the LORD JESUS!!!!! I was out of breath, hot and sweaty and having the time of my life!!!

That night I walked out of the church thinking of David dancing in the streets as he brought the Ark of the Covenant into Jerusalem and how he said, "I will celebrate before the LORD.  I will become even more undignified than this, and I will be humiliated in my own eyes" (II Samuel 6:21-22).  Dancing before the Lord is very new to me.  I love it but it is a bit out of my comfort zone (hahaha).  It really is freedom and joy in Jesus!  I want to become even more undignified than this.  Worshiping last night in the church was amazing... and this was no short meeting, it lasted about three hours!  :0)



Weather, Breakfast, and a Little Sweat & Dirt!

Wednesday, October 17th-ish I think

It is strange to sit here and type that it is October, for the weather here is very different than October weather back home in Washington state.  Home, the air is crisp and cold, and it only gets colder and wetter as time goes on.  Here, it is getting hotter and hotter each week.  Thank the Lord we are right on the beach so we get the wonderful cool breeze off the water.  I think this is the hardest thing for me to get used to.  I love it, but it is really hot!!! Hahaha, and from what I am told it is just going to get hotter.  Pray that my body adjusts well to the warm temperature! Haha.

The other morning it rained for like five minutes.  It was early morning while I was still in bed so I laid there listening to it hit the tin roof.  It was a taste of home!  Not that I am homesick at all :0)  I am loving every minute of my time here and taking it all in knowing in the back of my mind and heart I will be heading home eventually and have to leave this all behind, other than in my heart.

Just the other day I helped in the kitchen in the morning for breakfast.  Well, being that they don't make breakfast (they buy bread rolls and add PB&J) we just got all the food ready and in the kitchen for the whole day.  We had seventeen bags of about twenty-five pounds each of rice.  I am guessing the size for I am not sure what the bags weighed.  Also we had fish, potatoes, lots of packets of seasonings, plus lots of other food.  :0)  Crazy how much food is made in one day!

Water and electricity are both off and on now.  I am learning that my hair does not need to be washed every day or even every other day :0)  I am also learning that sweat and dirt are a part of me everywhere I go!  I really don't mind.  Haha!  The one thing about the power being off that I am not such a fan of is that I cannot charge my camera battery.   I do love taking pictures and now some of the kids want their video taken so it uses up my battery even faster.  But again, it's all good. :0)



Saturday, October 20, 2012

Weekend in the Bush: Outreach!

Sunday October ?? (hahaha .. I have no idea the actual date today.)

It has been a while since I have last written, sorry about that.  Much has happened, both great things and not so great things.  I will start with the not so great things. hahahaha!

I have already gotten two sandworms in my feet!  ha ha ha, I was so grossed out when I first heard that I could get worms that I prayed and prayed that I would not get them.  But I got two within the first two weeks of being here.  The good part is that I am now great at removing them (it only took once to become an expert)! :0) Ha ha ha so if any of my house sisters get them I will be ready and willing to remove them!  :0) (As it turns out, they are not as bad as I was originally thinking they would be.  Praise the Lord.  I can honestly say I don't mind if I get any more!)

Now for the good/great/amazing news...

This past weekend (Thursday, Friday and Saturday), I went out on a bush-bush outreach.  It was so, so great!  God is/was so good!  The drive to the township (I honestly don't know what to call it) was about 2.5 hours or so.  And just to note, so you know, there were about twelve students, and 15 Mozambican Bible school students and pastors.  We were about an hour into our trip when we came upon a hit-and-run accident where a little 6-year-old boy was hit by a car and extremely injured.  Thankfully, we had a doctor with us (one of the students), and she was able to give direction and what-not.  We ended up loading out of the vehicle and waiting in the township for two hours while the others took the little boy to the hospital.  And, of course, because there is a group of white people standing around on the side of the road, it gathered a crowd!  We were able to minister to the people.  Someone shared about the love of Jesus and that we want to show His love, and one way to do that is by taking their friend to the hospital.  We did a drama of Jesus healing the blind beggars and then asked if anyone wanted prayer for healing. :0)  We then got to pray for many people who wanted healing!  We prayed for headaches, body pains, back pains, and knee pains.  We would pray and then ask how they were feeling and if they said "a little better," we would pray again.  Jesus healed one lady we prayed for who had pains in her body; although I would not see the healing physically with my eyes, I knew she was healed because after the "Amen" she had a huge smile on her face and started jumping and clapping!  It was a party!

We said our goodbyes when our ride returned and continued on our way.  We arrived after dark and set up camp (we stayed in tents).  So much happened the whole weekend; I wish I could write it all down, but it would take forever and you would probably get bored so I will just give you my highlights... I don't even really want to say they are highlights, because the whole trip was amazing!!  But, to give you a picture, I'll share a few stories.

Weekend in the Bush Highlights

Friday, we got to go around to the different houses and pray for people.  We sat, prayed, and loved on one old grandma who was blind.  Though she did not receive her sight, she did receive the love of Jesus into her life and heart!  We sat with her and her family for about an hour, just giving them love!  It was so peaceful, and full of His love!

I also got to pray for a little boy about two years old, who was an orphan which a little grandma had taken in.  This little boy touched my heart as I held him and prayed for him.  You could tell that he had mental problems and was not growing and maturing normally; he was such a sweet little boy!

Friday afternoon we did a kids' program, which really everyone comes to so it is not just the kids.  Ha ha - this was a blast!  They love, love, love to dance!!  So we danced a lot!  They love to see a white person dance, and they just laugh and have a great time.  We told Bible stories and did a drama, played games, and sang songs!  Some of the pastors and Mozambican men really have a heart and a gift for the kids!

That night we showed the Jesus film.  I found myself sitting in the dirt with the kids and mamas watching the film of Jesus' life.  I just sat and looked through the darkness at the large crowd of people sitting and standing in the dirt and a prayer went up from my heart asking Lord, let me stay here.  I felt such peace and so much of the Father's love in that moment.

We spent lots of time praying for healings and salvations that night.  We ended with a great dance party in the dirt.  The dust was rising so much!  It was great!!  Everyone was having a great time - - God is so good!!

There are many more things I could share - but I'll just wait 'till I come home to tell you more.  I am really looking forward to my next bush-bush outreach.



Saturday, October 6, 2012

Settling In - Without Running Water!

Thursday, October 4th

I still have not been to town where I could get internet, so this may be a bit behind by the time you read it.  :0)  Much has happened since Sunday.  I am staying busy for the most part; classes are in the morning from 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM or later depending.  Wednesday, all of us Harvest School students were put into groups with the Mozambican Bible students.  We had a great evening full of games, dinner, dancing, serving ... They love to sing and dance!

So far I have learned three greeting words. :0)  Ha ha ha so at least I can say hello, how are you, and I am good.  My luggage finally arrived on Tuesday!  Praise the Lord.  I could have made it with my carry-on but having all my stuff has been great!!!

I got to wash my hair once before the water went out - yes, the water turned off!  I now have no running water.  This means bucket showers, using the latrines, washing hands with a cup of water - basically saving water any way you can.  I washed my hair this morning with about a quart of water total.  Crazy!  I do believe there is a well someplace on the property, I just have to find it.  I will be needing to wash clothes here soon so hopefully, there is.  :0)  Who knows how long the water will be out - they say it could be a week or three weeks.

I just finished dinner and yes, it was rice and beans! Ha ha but it was great!  I ate Mozambican style, which is with my fingers!! :0)  Ha ha ... it was great!!

Sorry my letter is so choppy with not many details!  My brain is not focusing very well.  It is going all over the place.  Thank you all for your prayers!!!!!!!!!!! I sosososososososo appreciate them all!!!!!


Safe Arrival in Pemba - but missing one important thing!!

Sunday, September 30th

As I write this it is 9:30 PM Sunday night, the 30th.  It is now cool out and feels very comfortable.

This is the second night here in Pemba and I am still experiencing jet lag.  But let me back up and catch you up on my flights here.  I flew from Seattle to Detroit, from Detroit to Amsterdam, and then on to Johannesburg where I stayed the night at Bob's Bunk House.  I flew out the next morning into Pemba.  On the first four-hour flight I was already ready to be out of the plane!  Ha ha!  I met up with a gal and two guys in Amsterdam and traveled the rest of the way with them.  On a side note, Bob's Bunk House was great!!! If you're traveling to South Africa and need a place to stay, I would recommend staying there.

My flight into the very small airport in Pemba was short and sweet: it was only two hours and I slept the whole time. :0)  Upon arriving I patiently waited for my luggage to arrive ... and it never came around the little belt.  Thankfully, I packed some stuff in my carry-on so I am surviving; and everyone is very generous in sharing their things with me.

Church this morning was in three different languages and lasted over four hours.  I danced, sweated, worshiped, and prayed along with a ton of other people.  I will say it was great having people dancing in front of me so I could just follow along. :0) After church, we had lunch of rice and beans which is the main dish here in Pemba.  The only way it could have been better would be if there were a little salsa added to it.  (It's the exact same beans and rice as my mom makes.)  It was so warm, and with a full stomach I was easily lulled to sleep, which thankfully was just a quick nap.

I finished my evening with a walk to the beach where three girls decided to braid my hair.  They just wanted to touch it and play with it - by the end of all this, my head was a big frizz ball, hahaha!  But the girls just thought it was great.

The day is now nice and cool and feels amazing after the heat of the middle of the day (though from what I hear, it will be even hotter later on - but hopefully I will be a little more used to it by then).

I just wanted to give you a quick update on my time here so far.  Not too many details but, an idea of what has been happening.  As I write this I actually do not have internet so I will post it once I do - maybe tomorrow or the next day depending on if I head to town or to the airport to look for my luggage.