Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Mozambique: My Favorite Things

Friday, November 16th

Settling In

I have found that over the past few weeks things have changed for me.  Everything is no longer new.  The people are not new, the activities are not new; the weather is not new.  I am now in the swing of things.  The normal everyday has come.  Yes, every day is still very different from the other days with different combinations of things put together.  But no new events are taking place.  Just a difference set of different combinations of normal events.  :0) Hope that makes sense.

Favorite Things: Visiting the Village 

Let me tell you some of my favorite things!  {The first is] walking in the village.  Often when I go into the villages I am with a group of people and we have a goal in mind.  Like we need to buy some stuff or we are visiting a family, et cetera ... but I just love walking through [the city] with no agenda and seeing where I end up and what I do.  Because of the rules, I cannot go out by myself (if it were not for the rules I would go out into the village by myself often), so we are always in a group of at least 3.  I just love seeing everyone and talking with the mamas and children.  The other day we were walking to the market and a mama came up with a baby and just wanted to show us.  We got to bless and pray for the baby and the mama.  Honestly, I just love that the people are so welcoming and loving.  It is like their first nature, to love.

Medical Outreach 

Last weekend I went out to the bush-bush again but this time with the medical team.  This was very different from the first time that I went.  This time, I just set up the medical tent and hung out with the doctors and the villagers who came for care.  At first I honestly felt so out of place because I don't know how to treat anyone and I can't understand what they are saying.  But as the day went on I felt more helpful.  I got to clean and bandage some wounds.  I sat and just listened to the consultations.  It was a great time.  I asked to go again on the medical trip the weekend of the 29th; hopefully I will be able to go.

The Mozambicans 

I love this place.  God' presence is here!  It really is.  Jesus is everywhere.  His love, His joy, His presence!  Where two or three are gathered He is there.  And there are hundreds of people all hungry and loving and serving God.  He totally dwells here!!! I just love, love, love it!!!


My dear sisters in my house!  I have grown to love them all!  I will miss them so much when I have to head home!  We have become such a great group of friends.  I think we are from seven different nations: US, Canada, Holland, Wales, Sweden, Norway and Malaysia.  We do so much together and have so many great times!


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