Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Rain in Mozambique

Friday, November 2nd (I think) Hahaha, like always, I have lost track of time.

Today has been soooo great!  I woke up and it was all cloudy and cool.  I was like this is so great, for it reminds me of home.  Soon it started to rain and it poured buckets of water!  Ha ha ha.  It smelled so great and the rain was crazy.  My roomies ran in the rain and then headed down to the beach to just swim being that they were already all wet.  The rain is so nice for it makes everything very clean.

I am sitting with some of the Mozambicans as I write this; they want me to be sure to tell you what a great day this is with all the rain.  It really only rained for like 20 or 30 minutes but it poured really hard.  It makes the air all clean and fresh.


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