Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Mozambique: My Favorite Things

Friday, November 16th

Settling In

I have found that over the past few weeks things have changed for me.  Everything is no longer new.  The people are not new, the activities are not new; the weather is not new.  I am now in the swing of things.  The normal everyday has come.  Yes, every day is still very different from the other days with different combinations of things put together.  But no new events are taking place.  Just a difference set of different combinations of normal events.  :0) Hope that makes sense.

Favorite Things: Visiting the Village 

Let me tell you some of my favorite things!  {The first is] walking in the village.  Often when I go into the villages I am with a group of people and we have a goal in mind.  Like we need to buy some stuff or we are visiting a family, et cetera ... but I just love walking through [the city] with no agenda and seeing where I end up and what I do.  Because of the rules, I cannot go out by myself (if it were not for the rules I would go out into the village by myself often), so we are always in a group of at least 3.  I just love seeing everyone and talking with the mamas and children.  The other day we were walking to the market and a mama came up with a baby and just wanted to show us.  We got to bless and pray for the baby and the mama.  Honestly, I just love that the people are so welcoming and loving.  It is like their first nature, to love.

Medical Outreach 

Last weekend I went out to the bush-bush again but this time with the medical team.  This was very different from the first time that I went.  This time, I just set up the medical tent and hung out with the doctors and the villagers who came for care.  At first I honestly felt so out of place because I don't know how to treat anyone and I can't understand what they are saying.  But as the day went on I felt more helpful.  I got to clean and bandage some wounds.  I sat and just listened to the consultations.  It was a great time.  I asked to go again on the medical trip the weekend of the 29th; hopefully I will be able to go.

The Mozambicans 

I love this place.  God' presence is here!  It really is.  Jesus is everywhere.  His love, His joy, His presence!  Where two or three are gathered He is there.  And there are hundreds of people all hungry and loving and serving God.  He totally dwells here!!! I just love, love, love it!!!


My dear sisters in my house!  I have grown to love them all!  I will miss them so much when I have to head home!  We have become such a great group of friends.  I think we are from seven different nations: US, Canada, Holland, Wales, Sweden, Norway and Malaysia.  We do so much together and have so many great times!


Rain in Mozambique

Friday, November 2nd (I think) Hahaha, like always, I have lost track of time.

Today has been soooo great!  I woke up and it was all cloudy and cool.  I was like this is so great, for it reminds me of home.  Soon it started to rain and it poured buckets of water!  Ha ha ha.  It smelled so great and the rain was crazy.  My roomies ran in the rain and then headed down to the beach to just swim being that they were already all wet.  The rain is so nice for it makes everything very clean.

I am sitting with some of the Mozambicans as I write this; they want me to be sure to tell you what a great day this is with all the rain.  It really only rained for like 20 or 30 minutes but it poured really hard.  It makes the air all clean and fresh.


Friday, November 23, 2012

Best Day in Mozambique So Far! And, a Prayer Request!

Thursday, October 25th 2012

Thursday afternoon.  I think I heard that it is the 25th, but I am not sure.

I have had such a great week so far!  Monday I went to the hospital to visit and pray with people.  One of the boys that I met here got into an accident and is now in the hospital; so I went first to visit and pray for him.  He was happy to see me, I believe, and I was very happy to see him!  I really wanted to visit him earlier but I am not allowed to leave the base unless there are three of us going.  :0(  It is probably a good rule for my safety because I know I would just leave and go on my own!

The hospital was the cleanest one that I have been to outside of the US.  Well, I have only been to two others [outside the US], so maybe it's not a great comparison - but still, I was impressed.  I greatly enjoyed my few hours there visiting and praying with people.  I honestly received much joy from being there and interacting with the patients and their friends and family.  Because I was in the post-surgery room, there were many different ages of patients in the room, though they were all male.  We prayed with a little boy about 3 or 4 all the way up to an older man.  I know I said this, but I got such joy out of just loving the people!  Next time I go in, I plan on taking some sweets.  :0)

Yesterday, Wednesday, I went into town just with a couple of my roomies and a Mozambican friend.  I know I am not so great with words and explaining things is not my gift, so I just want you to know as you read my little story of yesterday that it was one of my best, if not the best day, that I have had so far here in Mozambique.

It started out as normal as any other day, taking a trip into town to visit my friend in the hospital and get some veggies at the market, maybe a little ice cream, and just enjoy the day.

Being that I have been to the hospital earlier, I knew where it was; but our wonderful Mozambican brother took us the scenic route.  He took us all along the ride so we could see the ocean.  It was so beautiful!  He then showed us a place to buy chickens for dinner (though there are places all through the villages where you can get live chickens to eat), and took us back to the hospital.  So apparently there are visiting hours, which I did not know, so I just go walking in to see my friend.  :0)  But we were soon told to leave because it was not visiting hours.  But we got to talk with friend for about five minutes before we were shown the door.  Ha ha, it was funny.

Once we got our ice cream and cokes, we headed to the veggie market.  But when we arrived our wonderful guide said he could show us another place that was cheaper,  And of course I was up for it (though I was not buying anything, I always love going to new places).  He ended up taking us to the real Mozambican market, where the locals shop.  It was amazing!!!!!  I LOVED IT!!!!  I was in heaven, I thought!  Ha ha ha!  There were so many barakas with everything from clothes, to ice cream, to car parts, to veggies ... It was so big!!!  So many little stands.  :0)  I just walked through in amazement.  I received many marriage proposals then!  Our guide just laughed and thought it was so funny!  The word wife sounds like how they say America, so at first we just thought they were asking if we were from America so we said, "Yes, we are from America."  Ha ha ha!! I don't know how we left without being married!  Ha ha ha now that I have been there I really want to go back and honestly don't think I want to shop anyplace else.  The only problem is that I am not sure how to get back.  I know the area in which it is and I am sure I could find it by wandering around, but there are so many little pathways that we took to get there and back I know I would be lost at least for a bit.

After we were done with our shopping, we walked back to Iris base through the village (we took a bus there).  This again was so great!  Just walking through all the villages and greeting everyone.  Always hearing "Akoonya, akoonya!" said with lots of excitement.  They want you to greet them and wave, and not just the kids or the men but the women as well.  They would just laugh and smile real big when we spoke to them in their language.  I cannot say it enough:  I loved it!!!

When we got back, I told our wonderful guide that I felt like it was Christmas day, and he just gave me the best gift ever!!! It truly was a great, great day!!!!

And i just want to note that our Mozambican brother did not go to town with us as our guide.  I was talking to him right before we left and he asked to come along, and I said of course!!!  He just ended up being out amazingly wonderful guide!  Again, I said this earlier, but this truly was one of my best days here in Mozambique so far!  I greatly love getting to know the people and living with them!

This is a little side note but I originally signed up to do the ten day bush-bush outreach in December, but I am not thinking I may just live in the village with one of the families for ten days.  Anyways, you could be in prayer with me for that if you would like.

Blessings, blessings, blessings on my dear family and friends!!!


Relaxing Weekend: Ice Cream, Soccer, Akoonya!

the 'lost' files: dear friends, Esther sent me, her stateside friend-with-a-computer, these journal notes possibly in October, but I somehow did not find them until now.  My apologies for not getting them up in real time!  

Monday morning. 

I just had an amazing, relaxing weekend.  I had nothing to do so I just relaxed and did whatever.  

On Friday morning, one of my Mozambican friends took me to his family's house in the village.  It was my first time walking through the village, and good thing I had a guide for I would have been lost.  It seemed like [there was] no pattern or real pathway at all, just little walking paths through the houses and bamboo-fenced yards.  I got an invitation to come back for dinner :0)  They want to make me matapa (not sure how to spell it, but that is what it sounds like).  I believe I said this earlier but I will say it again - everyone is so nice here. Everyone greets everyone else and has big smiles.  I hear akoonya all the time, ha ha ha, it means white person. Ha ha!  :0)  I just love it.  

On Saturday I took the bus into town/the city just for something to do.  I just enjoy getting out and being among the people.  And riding the bus is very cheap, and great fun!  Like always, the motto is, "One more can always fit!"  Ha ha, it's great!  Our Mozambican guide took us to get some ice cream!  It was so so so so good!!!!! For only 5 mets which is like $0.25.  I told him I could eat a big bowl of it and he was like, "What??"  He thought it was strange that in America we eat bowls of ice cream, not just a little cup of it.  

Also on weekends there are many games of soccer and basketball played.  They have great fun when it is the Mozambican pastors against the Harvest School boys!  The games are so fun to watch!  Ha ha ha everyone is so excited when their team gets a score.  Us akoonyas have yet to win, though this last game we tied 6-6.  So you can understand just how great this last game went.  

After the service yesterday (Sunday), my roomies and I just hing out in the shade talking and singing some songs with our Mozambican brothers.  I have said this before and will say it again, it was a great time!!!  Honestly, I have been enjoying it very much here and I don't like thinking about when I will be getting on the plane to head home so I try not to. :0(  But I know that God's plans are best so I will follow where He leads.  

Once the heat of the day passed, we took a walk down the beach and stopped for some ice cream at the Dolphin and got some bananas for chocolate-banana pancakes.  

The week always seems very full and busy so having weekends where it is open to do whatever is so wonderful.  I am writing this before class and once I head to class, my day is going to be very full and will pass by very quickly.  

Blessings until next time!