Sunday, October 21, 2012

Joy Unspeakable

Thursday, October 18th

Last night we had a worship/testimony time with the Harvest School students, the Mozambican Bible School Students, missionaries, and really whoever wanted to come.  I love these meetings that we have!

Everyone comes together to worship and pray.  Last night started with worshiping Jesus just by singing, but it soon turned into a large dance party! :0)  (This is how I am burning off all the calories I am eating.  Ha ha!)  It was so much fun!  Dancing, jumping, running, skipping around the church in worship!  I have never worshiped and rejoiced in Jesus this way before and I wonder why not?  I know that in the United States we are very dignified in how we worship and do church but this was really joy unspeakable!  Joy overflowing! JOY in the LORD JESUS!!!!! I was out of breath, hot and sweaty and having the time of my life!!!

That night I walked out of the church thinking of David dancing in the streets as he brought the Ark of the Covenant into Jerusalem and how he said, "I will celebrate before the LORD.  I will become even more undignified than this, and I will be humiliated in my own eyes" (II Samuel 6:21-22).  Dancing before the Lord is very new to me.  I love it but it is a bit out of my comfort zone (hahaha).  It really is freedom and joy in Jesus!  I want to become even more undignified than this.  Worshiping last night in the church was amazing... and this was no short meeting, it lasted about three hours!  :0)



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  1. I just read all your posts Esther! Love them all! Sounds like you are in your sweet spot! =0)