Saturday, October 6, 2012

Settling In - Without Running Water!

Thursday, October 4th

I still have not been to town where I could get internet, so this may be a bit behind by the time you read it.  :0)  Much has happened since Sunday.  I am staying busy for the most part; classes are in the morning from 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM or later depending.  Wednesday, all of us Harvest School students were put into groups with the Mozambican Bible students.  We had a great evening full of games, dinner, dancing, serving ... They love to sing and dance!

So far I have learned three greeting words. :0)  Ha ha ha so at least I can say hello, how are you, and I am good.  My luggage finally arrived on Tuesday!  Praise the Lord.  I could have made it with my carry-on but having all my stuff has been great!!!

I got to wash my hair once before the water went out - yes, the water turned off!  I now have no running water.  This means bucket showers, using the latrines, washing hands with a cup of water - basically saving water any way you can.  I washed my hair this morning with about a quart of water total.  Crazy!  I do believe there is a well someplace on the property, I just have to find it.  I will be needing to wash clothes here soon so hopefully, there is.  :0)  Who knows how long the water will be out - they say it could be a week or three weeks.

I just finished dinner and yes, it was rice and beans! Ha ha but it was great!  I ate Mozambican style, which is with my fingers!! :0)  Ha ha ... it was great!!

Sorry my letter is so choppy with not many details!  My brain is not focusing very well.  It is going all over the place.  Thank you all for your prayers!!!!!!!!!!! I sosososososososo appreciate them all!!!!!



  1. Esther, I am so excited to read about your adventures! I wish we had gotten to know each other before you left, maybe when you get back! We have been at Cedar Park for a year and I know your family well. Your Mom was my daughters Star teacher this year and now I am teaching the Honor Stars this year. I serve in JBQ with your younger brothers, I just adore them! I love your family and so you are included in that. You may know my daughter, Olivia. She has been involved with youth and she has received a calling on her life to be a missionary! We will be reading your blog together! God bless you on your mission, you will be in our prayers constantly!

  2. Ah yes, the bucket showers, I remember them well having had to use that method in Africa and India on occassion. Keep up the good work young lady and pace yourself well!

  3. Ahhh I love it!!! pretty soon you will be used to no water and will just feel it's such a luxury when It's on! I love you and miss you! Your whole world is going to change and I am so excited for you! Who is your house mom?

  4. Glad you're doing good! Fun to read!