Saturday, October 6, 2012

Safe Arrival in Pemba - but missing one important thing!!

Sunday, September 30th

As I write this it is 9:30 PM Sunday night, the 30th.  It is now cool out and feels very comfortable.

This is the second night here in Pemba and I am still experiencing jet lag.  But let me back up and catch you up on my flights here.  I flew from Seattle to Detroit, from Detroit to Amsterdam, and then on to Johannesburg where I stayed the night at Bob's Bunk House.  I flew out the next morning into Pemba.  On the first four-hour flight I was already ready to be out of the plane!  Ha ha!  I met up with a gal and two guys in Amsterdam and traveled the rest of the way with them.  On a side note, Bob's Bunk House was great!!! If you're traveling to South Africa and need a place to stay, I would recommend staying there.

My flight into the very small airport in Pemba was short and sweet: it was only two hours and I slept the whole time. :0)  Upon arriving I patiently waited for my luggage to arrive ... and it never came around the little belt.  Thankfully, I packed some stuff in my carry-on so I am surviving; and everyone is very generous in sharing their things with me.

Church this morning was in three different languages and lasted over four hours.  I danced, sweated, worshiped, and prayed along with a ton of other people.  I will say it was great having people dancing in front of me so I could just follow along. :0) After church, we had lunch of rice and beans which is the main dish here in Pemba.  The only way it could have been better would be if there were a little salsa added to it.  (It's the exact same beans and rice as my mom makes.)  It was so warm, and with a full stomach I was easily lulled to sleep, which thankfully was just a quick nap.

I finished my evening with a walk to the beach where three girls decided to braid my hair.  They just wanted to touch it and play with it - by the end of all this, my head was a big frizz ball, hahaha!  But the girls just thought it was great.

The day is now nice and cool and feels amazing after the heat of the middle of the day (though from what I hear, it will be even hotter later on - but hopefully I will be a little more used to it by then).

I just wanted to give you a quick update on my time here so far.  Not too many details but, an idea of what has been happening.  As I write this I actually do not have internet so I will post it once I do - maybe tomorrow or the next day depending on if I head to town or to the airport to look for my luggage.


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  1. Church services are indeed four hours long in Africa, and dancing and sweating is a part of it. Blessings to you! Bob Jordan